The charm of Byala

Located far away from industrial plants, with a population of about 3.5 thousand people, somewhat cozy Byala leaves neither kids nor adults indifferent.
Here one can fully feel the charm of a small seaside town, as if it was specially created for rest and treatment: deciduous forests coexist here with beaches, delightful air and crystal clear sea water.The coastline combines the rough rocky terrain with plenty of small picturesque bays and comfortable beaches with soft white sand. 


The location of Byala is very convenient: new European-quality highways connect it to the two regional centers, Varna (50 km) and Burgas (70 km)

Nature 2000

Byala charm attracted the first settlers over 1,400 years ago. In recent decades, this place has been actively used as a resort. It is a well-known fact that  local air clears the lungs more effectively than best doctors and is more efficient than any drugs. Bronchopulmonary health resorts and an international children's camp for treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases were located in Byala.


It is not surprising that today Byala region is included in the European Union program "Nature 2000" Nature Protection Program, created for the preservation of valuable and rare plant and animal species, their habitats on land and at sea in the European network of nature reserves. This ensures the preservation of the unique nature in the future, as well, and thus – the organized development of the resort, strictly regulated by the environmental standards.

Food and Wine

Bulgarian cuisine is a marvelous blend of traditional Slavic, Turkish and Greek culinary traditions with a strong influence of national identity. Bulgarian national cuisine is an abundance of vegetables, meat dishes and moderate use of a variety of spices.


Wine production has over a thousand year long tradition in Bulgaria. The ancient Thracians, who populated the land in ancient times, worshipped the gods Zagreus and Dionysius. Nowadays Bulgaria is a proud producer of fine quality wines, some of which are made from unique sorts of vine, impressing wine connoisseurs worldwide. 

Byala is also intensively developing a wine production, in particular an old native variety of white wine called Dimyat.



Wellness and Spa

Bulgaria - and Byala in particular - is a perfect place to improve your health. Mineral waters and therapeutic muds are perfectly combined with the mild climate and the fresh air of the mountains, forests and sea. At the same time, the services of health centres and resorts in Bulgaria are more affordable than those in other EU countries.

Mineral waters in Bulgaria are known for their diverse chemical composition and the rich composition of minerals and microelements. Mud springs along the Black Sea coast and the healing clay have a great potential in treatment of many different diseases. Bulgaria is also the first in the world for its wide variety of meditation herbs and products. After all, Bulgaria is a country of the sun! 


Bulgaria is more and more often mentioned as one of the best destinations for golf tourism in Europe. Only for a few years in the country were built world-class golf courses, and the incredible combination of beautiful scenery, favorable climate, spa pleasures and active holidays turn the golf complexes into oases of the sport.


The golf courses in Bulgaria are located close to the beaches and the mountains, so you can choose from a combination of playing golf and tanning, or you can choose the coolness of the mountain scenery.


Due to the favorable climate, golf enthusiasts can enjoy games about 7 to 9 months a year.


Hunting in Bulgaria has thousands of years of history and tradition, which are in harmony with the modern way of hunting. Hunting in Bulgaria is attractive not only because of the great trophies, but also of the unforgettable adventure that will make all your dreams of perfect hunting come true.

Bulgaria is one of the best trophy hunting destinations in Europe. There is a large number and diversity of game (deer, fallow deer, chamois, mouflon, wild boar, roe deer), high-quality service, excellent preparation and organization of hunting. Hunting for 18 species of mammals and 20 species of birds is allowed in the country.

History and culture

Nowadays people go to Bulgaria not only for sunbathing on beautiful beaches and recreation in balneotherapeutic health resorts, but also for guided tours to see the natural and historical sites, which are in fact numerous in the country.

Bulgaria is situated in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroads of different cultures. Many civilizations have crossed the Bulgarian land and left traces of impact on the cultural heritage.


Hundreds of objects in the territory of the country are declared cultural monuments of national, regional and local importance. Eight of them are considered unique, have a global significance and are the invaluable heritage not only for Bulgaria, but for all mankind. They are included in the list of world natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO.