BG Investconsult

European investment company

Founded on the principles of partnership the company unites professionals with rich experience. Constantly improving the quality and expanding the range of services that allows to satisfy the requirements of the clients.

In development of the investment strategies company constantly searches for new opportunities for business development and expansion in international market. One of the priority activities is the investment in real estate market.

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Balkan Build

Bulgarian construction company

Acting as a general contractor and investing their own founds in new projects, guarantees a modern level of organization of construction process, carries out the full cycle of activities, from architectural design to delivery of final product «on a turn-key basis» and ensure its approval by european regulatory authorities.


Our motto is: "Build high quality at affordable prices"

Tamley Limited

Investment Company

TAMLEY LIMITED is an investment company with more then 10 years of successful history.


TAMLEY LIMITED also invests in Real Estate development by financing it's affiliated companies.


Now it's portfolio includes residential and commercial real estate assets all over the European Union.